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Thursday, 12 March 2020

Dahi Khavana 32 Fayda Ane Tena Upyog 2020

Mitro Desh Videsh Ma Vsta Mara Vala Mitro Aaje Janavva nu Ke Dahi Na 32 Fayda Jano Protein, calcium, riboflavin, lactose, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 etc. are obtained.  Really believe incorporating yogurt into your daily life will be beneficial for both your beauty and your health.  Yogurt is considered more beneficial than milk.  So let's know how yogurt is useful to us and how it should be used.

 How and when to use yogurt

 Do not eat yogurt in the evening and at night.

 Yogurt should not be eaten in cold weather.

 Do not eat yogurt immediately after sunset.

 Avoid eating yogurt, always eating fresh yogurt.Anyone who has a cold, cough or asthma should not eat yogurt.

 Try it in yogurt and relieve constipation.

 People who have stomach problems should take regular intake.  Yogurt contains bacteria that cure stomach disease.

 Mixing basin in yogurt and curing the acne.

 Yogurt protects us from feeling lukewarm, and its benefits are beneficial when we loo.

 Eating yogurt reduces body fat.

 Yogurt is more effective than milk.  It makes bones and teeth stronger.  It also helps fight osteoporosis.

 Applying yogurt to the burned area where sunburn is relieved.

 You can wash the hair with yogurt.  It will also remove the dandruff and make the hair look beautiful.  Yogurt is a natural conditioner.  You can use it at the conditioner's location.

 After washing the hair with yogurt, be sure to dry your hair immediately.

 If the face is massaged with yogurt, this works like bleach.

 This increases our digestive capacity.

 Applying yogurt two or four times a day to the oral cavity helps the cure sooner.

 Applying yogurt on the face not only softens the skin but also enhances it.

 Mixing yogurt in flour chokar gives a shine to the skin.

 For those with dry skin, take half a cup of yogurt and a small spoon with 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon lemon juice.  Then mix the three and apply it on the face, then rinse the face with warm water.  This will reduce the dryness of your skin.

 You can mix yogurt and basin all over the body to remove the smell of sweat.  Then take a bath.

 According to some research, curd intake reduces cholesterol.

 For those who do not digest milk, yogurt is easily digested.

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