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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Aa Dishama Mathu Rakhine Sui Jasho To Aarogy Ane Laxmi dodata Aavshe

Mitro Desh videsh ma Vsta Mara Vala Mitro Aaje Janavvanu ke Aa Dishama Mathu Rakhine Sui Jaso To Aarogya And Laxmi Dodata Aavshe
 The north and south of the planet have the highest gravitational force.  If you turn your head to the north while sleeping, you will find the north head and the north of the earth.  Repulsion means a jolt, this is the law of physics.  If the earth's north force pushes our body, it will put pressure on the head and our body will be upset.  This will start to decrease blood pressure in the body.  And because of this, the life expectancy is short.When Rajivji slept in the north every time he did not get any good sleep, many bad dreams came and then a few days ago he started sleeping and then he saw that everything became normal, bad dreams stopped coming, and sleep started to get better.  General Chat Chat Lounge

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